Bigfix Application Development Framework
Framework for development of dashboards/wizards for IEM Console

Application Development Framework (ADF)

The Application Development Framework (ADF) enables rapid, standardized development of rich applications in the form of dashboards and wizards that display within the IEM Console and web reports that display in a separate web-based interface. ADF is available in github/bigfix.


UI components

  • UI component library built off of jQuery plugins and libraries and a sample dashboard that shows how to implement a basic application.
  • "support" code that enables Dojo applications to run in the Console.
  • AngularJS support for some UI components. These components are defined under “adf-ng” module.

JavaScript API

The ADF includes a JavaScript API that provides the bulk of functionality available to an IEM application.
Among the typical things you would like to do in an IEM application that can be done using the API include:

  • Making Session Relevance calls- the tem.evalRel() function can be used to make Relevance calls.
  • Creating custom content- tem.content.createContent() is used for creating Fixlets, Tasks etc.
  • Storing data- tem.dataStore functions allow you to work with persistent data for individual dashboards.
  • Running an external executable- functions enable running external executables via ActiveX.
  • Installing library- tem.library functions enable the installation and use of libraries with nested folder structure, i.e. Dojo
A complete doc reference for the API provided can be found in here

Tools to support dashboard build

Build scripts are provided to help you keep nested folders in source code for development and release the compiled version for production. Building gives better loading time as well.
Refer to the readme in github/bigfix/adf for detailed information.


If you discover a bug or would like to propose a new feature, please open a new issue.

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